5 key factors to consider before hiring an Offshore Product Development Partner

These days companies large or small use outsourcing for accomplishing the business functions. It is one of the key factor to reduce the costs. One major reason behind having an offshore development partner is that it helps in achieving faster product releases with low cost and also maintaining high quality.

“Choosing the right partner for Outsourcing is close to getting 50% of your project accomplished”

Did you know that, the relation with offshore partner can have a deep impact on your company? This is why you have to be extremely cautious in choosing an offshore partner.

Here are some factors which will help you to choose the right offshore product development partner.



Communication is one of the important factor to consider before choosing the offshore partner. The partner should be able to clearly understand the requirements and conditions. This helps in early release of the product and also helps in maintenance and support period.



Consider this situation, you choose a development partner for development and hire the testing partner for testing and different partner for product maintenance etc. This scenario will not only increase the development cycle but will also increase the GoTo Market. So while choosing your development partner, make sure it has the expertise from product conceptualization to product release and the support thereafter.



In present days, all companies follow the agile methodologies for product development since it offers more benefits over traditional methodologies. Below are some benefits of agile methodologies

  • It offers high degree of collaboration between the client and project team.
  • It allows continuous modification in requirements.
  • Higher customer satisfaction.
  • High Quality product

Choose your Partner carefully and understand their product development methodologies as well.



The offshore partner should have an experience in multiple release(s) and multiple domains. Product development requires extensive experience in multi-platform portability and end-to-end releases.



Before choosing your partner think about the support you need. The partner which gives support after product release in to the market would your ideal choice. Support can be in many ways – product maintenance support, product development support, product testing support and so on.