What is DevOps?

DevOps is a practice that integrates the development team and operations team of an organization in order to improve its collaboration and productivity by automating infrastructure, workflow and monitoring its performance continuously.

The main goal of DevOps is to improve the deployment frequency and achieve faster releases into the market.


Here are five things you must know about DevOps.

DevOps is all about automation

Automation decreases the amount of time almost in every field. There are a variety of Continuous integration tools that will can be used to run a series of test scripts, deploy the code in to the server. Then continuous integration tool reduces the cost and increase the efficiency so that the developers spend time on writing the code instead of finding out the bugs.

There are number of automation tools like Monitis available in market for monitoring the performance of application.


DevOps takes time

There is no easy solution for creating an DevOps environment. It takes time to change the policies, rules and attitudes. DevOps is the new transformation in IT field to create new opportunity for business to become more agile and deliver efficient product. Once adapted to the DevOps environment, it reduces the amount of time and money in all phases.

DevOps is Cultural

DevOps is nothing but the collaboration and communication between different teams in an organization. We can’t change the cultural part but we can change the behaviour. That behaviour becomes the cultural. Start creating the environment with innovative ideas that will improve your work flow. Positive results will start showing faster and better.

DevOps requires global mindset

DevOps requires knowledge of various fields not only on technical side but also the business side.  Other learnings include business strategies, principles and processes.

DevOps requires continuous learning

DevOps sees continuous improvement everywhere. For the same reason, it need to have continuous learning on various technologies. Agile development makes continuous improvement in mainstream. Continuous improvement in product will also increase the success rate.