Whether a business requires an (Mobile) app or not is no longer a question to ask. As per the latest market figure, Google still leads the market in App users. According to research,

  • 85% of consumers prefer mobile apps instead of mobile websites
  • Smartphone users spends 90% of their mobile time on apps
  • On average, consumer has about 30 apps installed on his device

Nearly, about 1.5 million apps are present in Google Play store and Apple App store. It clearly describes the importance of mobile apps. Let us see some tips for developing a successful mobile application.

7 Tips for developing a Mobile Application

  1. Know about the Market:

Market research has shown repeatedly that most users come from emerging market. This means that one needs to capitalize on numbers. There are couple of ways to achieve this- some being App purchase and App advertising. Some apps began as free apps and they become paid apps in advanced version based on the feedback from the users and demands from the users

Mobile Application

  1. Know about Latest trends:

This is very important factor to consider because you will know what users expect about the features in app today. As technology advances you need to think about all your options and need to update the applications which are then supported by technology.

  1. Think about Design:

Design is the most important factor to attract the users. There are number of apps in Google play store. So your app should have some unique visual appearance. Design is also important for usage (Read this important post on UX Design). The users are not interested in something that is not easy to operate. So the design element should be easy to use.

  1. Believe in your idea:

This is the first step for success. Your app idea could be completely revolutionary or simple one with many advantages. After doing research on other apps and competitors, find out the great things provided by your app and also think about the solutions provided by your app. Don’t hesitate on your road to success.

  1. No distractions:

There should be no distractive elements while using the app. These include unnecessary notifications, images, etc. This makes the app heavy and slow to load. So, focus on your usage and only provide things that are important.

  1. Test as often as you can:

As a basic rule, you should not release any product without prior testing. Every phase of the app development should be tested, thereby fixing possible bugs or improving the UI. There are several test automation tools available in market for mobile applications.

  1. Making it social:

This is one way of interaction. In market, all apps are not just interacting with you but it also connected to different users. This is super connected world and your app should aid to this world. This is not about like and share anymore. It is helpful to track how it is followed and who likes it and where it fails etc…

Making App as Social, Social Media

Achieving success in app industry is not easy but it is not impossible. These tips are helpful to design the right app.

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