Software testing is an imperative process that ensures customer satisfaction. It is the only one way where an application can be observed under certain conditions where testers can understand the risks involved in the software implementation. Software debugging can essentially be carried out once an application is thoroughly tested.

However, Manual Testing is slowly transforming towards the automation testing to ensure the organization gets maximum accurate results. Automation testing reduces the time of executing the repetitive tasks. In a bid to make the application failsafe, we are turning towards the Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is not only transforming the way we live, it is transforming how we work — especially in the software world. In this scenario the machines will take over writing and executing the test scripts. Artificial Intelligence gives the machines the ability to process information and learn to adapt the changes.

Why we need AI in software Testing?

Traditional testing takes so much of time to write the test cases and execute the repetitive tests. Tester validates the GUI with known combination of manual/automation scenarios. When new feature gets introduced in the application, the tester needs to test the functionality by modifying the test cases every time. Today developers needs faster results for continuous deployment. It is becoming hard for manual testing.

Using Artificial Intelligence in software testing reduces time and cost effectively. AI bots based testing requires very little maintenance. AI algorithms are helpful in the testing in making smarter and more productive for user. AI can help in analysis of metrics and can do predictive analysis of the existing test cases. Based on this information testing efficiency will improved.

Artificial Intelligence in software testing

AI bots are dynamic in their nature. They automatically discover every new feature in the product and analyse whether it is bug or new feature. With AI based testing, one can analyse the application from the end user perspective and record the performance.

“Working alongside AI, testers in the near future will be able to focus on the most interesting and valued aspects of software testing.”