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Principles of User Interface: Eliminate Errors

  This is the last part of the series. Don’t forget to read the previous blog about minimalism in UI What is user error? “A user error is an error made by the human user of a complex system, usually a… Continue Reading →

Principles of UI : Minimalism

In the previous blog we discussed about importance of images in UI, Read it here.  In visual arts, music, and other mediums, minimalism is an art movement that began in post–World War II Western art, most strongly with American visual arts in… Continue Reading →

Future of Artificial Intelligence

5 Major predictions for Artificial Intelligence in near future. AI Carries great potential to revolutionize the world in many fields. Artificial Intelligence has been a rage since 2016. Globally renowned companies have been incorporating AI into their systems aiming to… Continue Reading →

Private Cloud Services & Mail Solution

Given all the hype around cloud computing and other related technologies, enterprise and mid-sized companies are often hazy in identifying short and long term benefits of moving to the cloud or harnessing the power of Cloud for various needs –… Continue Reading →

Principles of User Interface: Images

In the previous blog we discussed about typography. Most common media elements in UI are images. While using images taking care of few things would make your websites visually appealing as well as helping the page to load faster in… Continue Reading →

Principles of user interface: Typography

Last blog was about usage of colors in the UI, you can read it here. Typography can be defined as the visual component of the written word. In the digital world typography is gaining more and more importance as it… Continue Reading →

Principles of User Interface: Colors

In the previous blog we discussed about form follows function, here we will see about how color influence the users and how to use color palettes. Color is one of the most important aspect in a design. Colors set the… Continue Reading →

Healthcare IoT – Medical Adherence system

Providing a transformational healthcare cloud-based IT solution that could connect various medical monitoring devices and sensors in home and clinical environments. Healthcare IoT – Medical Adherence system Solution overview Customized platform with multi device/sensor connection interface for NFC , BLE… Continue Reading →

Principles of User Interface: Form Follows Function

Form follows function is a principle associated with 20th-century modernist architecture and industrial design which says that the shape of a building or object should primarily relate to its intended function or purpose. – Wikipedia Well, in UI form follow… Continue Reading →

Principles of User interface: Ease of Accessibility

Ease of Accessibility In the previous blog we discussed about responsiveness in design. Here we will be discussing about accessibility. As a designer you are not designing for a person but a diverse and dynamic set of users. A good… Continue Reading →