Vinayak Raj

Principles of User Interface: Responsiveness

In the previous blog post we discussed about streamlining navigation, here we will discuss about Responsive design. An UI is considered responsive, when the layout and content responds based on the size of screen (Devices) they are presented on. A responsive… Continue Reading →

GIS for Disaster Management

Accel NA was tasked to coordinate between disparate government agencies during Natural Disasters. Geo-Spatial data, via google maps, is used to provide specific information related to the immediate areas around the disaster. System also generates a Custom Map Framework for… Continue Reading →

Principles of User Interface: Streamline Navigation

In the previous blog post we discussed about how to include storyline / personal touch to UI. In this blog we will be heading out to Navigation. Here I’m going to explain how to streamline navigation in UI. Navigation is… Continue Reading →

Bike Tracking Mobile Application – IoT

Accel NA is providing a next-gen, activity & location monitor for bikes. To seamlessly integrate a multi sensor device to the cloud & mobile phones for tracking bikes. Bike Tracking Mobile App This solution was highly available and scalable multi-tenant… Continue Reading →

Principles of User Interface: Creating a Story

What is UI? “User interface design (UI) or user interface engineering is the design of user interfaces for machines and software, such as computers, home appliances, mobile devices, and other electronic devices, with the focus on maximizing usability and the… Continue Reading →

Artificial Intelligence in Supply Chain

Artificial Intelligence In Supply Chain AI Carries great potential to revolutionize the supply chain process. Here are 5 use cases which can be used by Supply chain organizations. Improvement in data quality and reduction in the need for manual intervention… Continue Reading →

6 Major predictions for IoT

The phenomenon of getting smart devices to communicate with each other over the Internet, without human intervention, has led to the much-hyped term, the Internet of Things (IoT). While a lot is expected from this evolving technology, we take a… Continue Reading →

Customer Experience Strategies

How involved are you in improving your Customer’s Experience? It is not only important to have CX strategies in paper but also to implement them. This article puts light on 2 important aspects of Customer Experience. Why Customer Experience matters… Continue Reading →

IOT: Present and Future of UX Design

Internet of things The Internet of things (IoT) is basically a seamless network of connectable devices via web. Today IoT is almost everywhere.   What is UX? User Experience Design, commonly known as UX, UED, UE or XD – ensures… Continue Reading →