8 Threats Anti-Virus Fails To Protect

8 THREATS ANTI-VIRUS FAILS TO PROTECT What it means Zero-day threats can exploit zero-day vulnerabilities, or previously unknown security deficiencies, that software vendors have not yet patched. How to protect yourself Add defenses on top of signature-based antivirus protection What… Continue Reading →

Digital Opportunities for Banks

3 DIGITAL REVENUE OPPORTUNITIES FOR BANKS Banking CEOs expect digital revenue to more than double over the next five years. Its time CEOs identify and promote digital revenue growth opportunities. Growth is a no. 1 Business Priority for current CEOs…. Continue Reading →

How to foster Customer Loyalty via Retail Loyalty Programs

Fostering Customer loyalty in the Digital Age Most loyalty programs fail to achieve the goal of sustainable customer engagement and loyalty. This post explains why and offers some guidance for CxOs to assess and advance customer loyalty strategies and technologies in light… Continue Reading →

Scan Image Comparison Tool

Scan Image Comparison Tool Image comparison is important for identifying the accuracy of scan applications. Manual scan takes too much of time and effort for large set of images. Also, there is no tool to integrate with automation. At AccelNA,… Continue Reading →

Migrate BroadLeaf Commerce to AWS native services

Migrate BroadLeaf Commerce to AWS native services Broadleaf Commerce specializes in open source commerce, providing platform solutions for customized enterprise eCommerce. We took BroadLeaf Commerce community source code and modified it to use AWS native services like S3, SQS, ElastiCache,… Continue Reading →

Enterprise Architecture vs Application Architecture

Organizational attempts to address the impacts of digital business are placing additional pressure on many architecture disciplines (for example, EA and AA) to deliver business outcomes. Because these architecture disciplines have evolved to address different perspectives of related problems, many… Continue Reading →

Visual Studio 2015

Visual Studio 2015 supports cross-platform mobile device development. You can write apps and games that target iOS, Android, and Windows and share a common code base, all from within the Visual Studio IDE. Cross-platform mobile apps in C# with Xamarin… Continue Reading →