Private Cloud Services & Mail Solution

Given all the hype around cloud computing and other related technologies, enterprise and mid-sized companies are often hazy in identifying short and long term benefits of moving to the cloud or harnessing the power of Cloud for various needs –… Continue Reading →

Trends in Enterprise Mobility

Enterprise mobility is a trending concept in recent years. Enterprise mobility is an essential function that supports the growth of an organization. It is becoming one of top priority trends in larger organizations especially for customer engagement. As per a… Continue Reading →

Healthcare IoT – Medical Adherence system

Providing a transformational healthcare cloud-based IT solution that could connect various medical monitoring devices and sensors in home and clinical environments. Healthcare IoT – Medical Adherence system Solution overview Customized platform with multi device/sensor connection interface for NFC , BLE… Continue Reading →

GIS for Disaster Management

Accel NA was tasked to coordinate between disparate government agencies during Natural Disasters. Geo-Spatial data, via google maps, is used to provide specific information related to the immediate areas around the disaster. System also generates a Custom Map Framework for… Continue Reading →

Bike Tracking Mobile Application – IoT

Accel NA is providing a next-gen, activity & location monitor for bikes. To seamlessly integrate a multi sensor device to the cloud & mobile phones for tracking bikes. Bike Tracking Mobile App This solution was highly available and scalable multi-tenant… Continue Reading →

SpotSmart – AWS Spot Instance

SpotSmart – AWS Spot Instance Amazon EC2 Spot instances allow you to bid on spare Amazon EC2 computing capacity. Since Spot instances are mostly available at a discounted rate compared to the On-Demand pricing, one can significantly reduce the cost… Continue Reading →

To Cloud or Not to Cloud – That is the question! Or is it?

Before I get carried away with my favorite bard, let me make something clear: this is not a what-to-do or a when-I-do for moving to the cloud. This is a set of pointers on how-do-I-move to the cloud and more importantly, covers… Continue Reading →

Accel Broadleaf Commerce Cloud Native Edition

Abstract Cloud computing provides scalable infrastructure services which ensures that applications deployed on the cloud will feature greater availability, as the infrastructure can expand based on the usage of the application. This elastic feature is key to cloud environments and… Continue Reading →