The key factor for the success of any business is customer’s satisfaction. In present day, Customers are becoming smarter day by day due to advanced technologies available to them right in their hands.

“By 2020, 85% of all customer services will be handled without humans”

Chatbot’s are changing the way businesses do customer interactions. A Chatbot is the computer program you can talk to through text or by voice. It replies using the same applications, creating a back and forth conversation. A Chatbot, along with Artificial Intelligence has capability to understand and analyse the human language which makes it easy to solve human queries.

Chatbot’s are used almost everywhere now. Most companies are implementing Chatbot for customer services to get better results.

Let’s see how Chatbot can improve the customer service experience:

Chatbot’s provide quick response:

chatbot gives quick response

In present days, customer always needs immediate response to their queries. It is frustrating when you tell “It will takes XX business days to resolve the issue” as a response to their query. Chatbot’s solve this problem by providing the quick response. Customers feel happy when they receive the message from the chatbot with the exact time (of resolution). In most cases, the chatbot refers the FAQ page to solve their issue which by itself is a good idea.

Chatbot provide 24*7 customer services

continuous services

A customer executive person will not be available all time. But a chatbot can provide 24*7 services to the customers. Also customer do not have to wait for several days to solve their issue.

Chatbot has significant cost impact

chatbot saves money,chatbots

A chatbot can handle multiple customers at a time. Chatbot’s are cost effective solutions for many industries. A Chatbot cannot completely replace the customer service executives. It can significantly save the money and time involved.

Chatbot’s can create engagement

chatbot create engagement

Generally, Chatbot’s can attract the consumers by pushing promotional offers and discount coupons which leads to a consuming buying the product. This will stimulate the customers to click through to your page and increase engagement.