Connected Drones in the age of Internet of Things

The recent report from retail research firm NPD Group states that sales of drones have more than tripled over the last 2 years, crossing around $200 million. The increasing interest in using these aerial devices is one of the best illustrations of how reduced prices and the ever increasing demand for connectivity is driving the “internet of things.” This post on how connected drones in the age of internet of things is an eye opener.

Drones, which were once considered niche are now being pushed into the mainstream market.

Here are some of the interesting use cases for drones by industry –

Oil and Gas

Drones in oil and gas industry

Drones (also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) are increasingly being used by the Oil & Gas industry for their monitoring and inspection operations. This industry can benefit from using drones by monitoring locations for gas emissions, oil spills and on.

They can also be used for accurately analysing confined spaces such as storage tanks.


delivery drones

Drones are not to the delivery industry. Over a last couple of years, Companies have been experimenting Drone Delivery to deliver packages containing medicines, food and postal items.

A recent example is the Amazon Prime Air which is a delivery system designed to deliver packages to customer in under 30 minutes.

Here is an interesting link to follow –

Amazon Prime Air –

Also, DHL has come up with interesting case study for delivering packages. Enjoy this short video –

Construction / Real Estate

Commercial drones

One another industry where IoT is quickly developing around the world is Construction / Real Estate. Construction sites present IoT with a number of fixable problems, including dangerous working conditions and lost items or machinery. Some ways in which drones can actually enhance the site operations are surveying, monitoring job sites and inspecting structures.

Putting up a drone to monitor the progress, work, safety standards and much more can save a lot of energy, time and money.

Our Value –

Accel na drones

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