How involved are you in improving your Customer’s Experience?

It is not only important to have CX strategies in paper but also to implement them.
This article puts light on 2 important aspects of Customer Experience. Why Customer Experience matters and some ways to implement the same.

Here are 3 reasons why you should have a CX strategy.

  • Window of Opportunity – In this digital age, the window of opportunity (the time span of customer) is very less. It is important to consider this aspect because your customer has only a limited time span to take a decision. Its now or never. Make use of this opportunity and delight the customer.

  • Variety – There is no dearth of options. Options are unlimited. In the new economy which provides unprecedented choice, and instant and global access to products and information, churn rate determines business earnings and growth. A firm has to earn and re-earn every day the loyalty of its customers.

  • Pricing – This is where the entire game is focussed on. Pricing plays an important role in your customer experience execution. Reliance JIO is a great example in this case

Here are 3 important pointers to keep in mind when you are implementing your CX Strategy.

  • Have a Customer Feedback Program. This will allow you to understand your brands image from the perspective of your customer. Having such program will also be beneficial to you in successful implementation of your CX strategy.

  • Have a broader CX program. Take your team along. It is also important for your team members to be a part of this exercise rather in going in silos.

  • Start from outside. Understand the customer expectation before detailing out the strategy. It is very important to understand your customers desired experiences rather than you starting with the existing process.

Finally what matters is the when your customers get variety of options at the price point they require in the given window of opportunity.