DevOps is a practice that integrates the development team and operations team of an organization in order to improve its collaboration and productivity by automating infrastructure, workflow and monitoring its performance continuously.

There are lot of open source tools and frameworks available for DevOps that help organizations in the proper implementation of DevOps strategy. These frameworks assist organizations with their configuration, integration and help sharing of information between teams, automating process and establish the continuous activities including continuous testing. Here, we will discuss about some open source DevOps testing tools.

DevOps Testing Tools in 2018

1. Jenkins

Jenkins Devops Testing tool

Jenkins is an open source DevOps testing tool. Jenkins, an extensible automation server, is a continuous delivery (CD) and continuous integration (CI) application that can distribute the build/test loads to multiple computers with different Oss. This speeds up the integration process and user have a facility to get the new build as required. Jenkins is used as a simple CI server to test apps.


Bamboo Testing Tool

Bamboo is a Continuous Integration tool from Atlassian which is used for DevOps testing. It performs the automated build, test and releases in a single place. It supports many technologies and languages. Bamboo can help run tests in a parallel batches as it supports up to 100 remote build agents. The setting up Bamboo is very simple. It can trigger builds based changes detected in the repository, send the notification from BitBucket.


Vagrant Devops Testing tool

Vagrant is one of the DevOps testing tool. It is used for build and manage the virtual machine environments in single workflow. It is very easy to install. It integrates with existing management tools like Chef etc.. It mainly focuses on automation.


Appium Mobile Testing tool

Appium is an open source automation testing tool for mobile apps. It allows to test all kind of native, mobile, web and hybrid apps. It also supports automation test on physical devices, emulators and simulators. The main advantage is cross platform testing by using single API with different platform test scripts. It is mainly use for DevOps process.


Cruisecontrol testing tool

CruiseControl is a java based framework helps to implement the continuous integration tool. The web interface provides the details of present and previous builds. It allows building multiple projects on single server. There is a version of CruiseControl for .Net called CruciseControl.NET (aka CCNet) and a version for Ruby called CruciseControl.rb

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