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Principles of User interface: Ease of Accessibility

Ease of Accessibility In the previous blog we discussed about responsiveness in design. Here we will be discussing about accessibility. As a designer you are not designing for a person but a diverse and dynamic set of users. A good… Continue Reading →

5 key things you must know about DevOps

What is DevOps? DevOps is a practice that integrates the development team and operations team of an organization in order to improve its collaboration and productivity by automating infrastructure, workflow and monitoring its performance continuously. The main goal of DevOps… Continue Reading →

Connected Drones in the age of Internet of Things

Connected Drones in the age of Internet of Things The recent report from retail research firm NPD Group states that sales of drones have more than tripled over the last 2 years, crossing around $200 million. The increasing interest in… Continue Reading →

Principles of User Interface: Responsiveness

In the previous blog post we discussed about streamlining navigation, here we will discuss about Responsive design. An UI is considered responsive, when the layout and content responds based on the size of screen (Devices) they are presented on. A responsive… Continue Reading →

5 key factors to consider before hiring an Offshore Product Development Partner

5 key factors to consider before hiring an Offshore Product Development Partner These days companies large or small use outsourcing for accomplishing the business functions. It is one of the key factor to reduce the costs. One major reason behind… Continue Reading →

GIS for Disaster Management

Accel NA was tasked to coordinate between disparate government agencies during Natural Disasters. Geo-Spatial data, via google maps, is used to provide specific information related to the immediate areas around the disaster. System also generates a Custom Map Framework for… Continue Reading →

5 changes that will guarantee website performance

Website speed is one of the important element to improve the conversation on your site. What visitors expect is that the page should load within 2 seconds. As the website’s load time starts to increase, it reduces the conversation on… Continue Reading →

Principles of User Interface: Streamline Navigation

In the previous blog post we discussed about how to include storyline / personal touch to UI. In this blog we will be heading out to Navigation. Here I’m going to explain how to streamline navigation in UI. Navigation is… Continue Reading →

Bike Tracking Mobile Application – IoT

Accel NA is providing a next-gen, activity & location monitor for bikes. To seamlessly integrate a multi sensor device to the cloud & mobile phones for tracking bikes. Bike Tracking Mobile App This solution was highly available and scalable multi-tenant… Continue Reading →

8 Threats Anti-Virus Fails To Protect

8 THREATS ANTI-VIRUS FAILS TO PROTECT What it means Zero-day threats can exploit zero-day vulnerabilities, or previously unknown security deficiencies, that software vendors have not yet patched. How to protect yourself Add defenses on top of signature-based antivirus protection What… Continue Reading →

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