In the previous blog we discussed about form follows function, here we will see about how color influence the users and how to use color palettes. Color is one of the most important aspect in a design. Colors set the mood to the design. Each color signifies or triggers certain mood. For example – red is related to power, anger etc… So selecting a color scheme for the user interface is vital for engagement of the user.

Principles of User Interface: Colors

I’ll be skipping color theory part and jumping to the points related to UI design only.

But, you can get an in-depth understanding of color theory here

Color palettes with complimentary colors

Even though there are various types of color palettes, in UI design monochromatic or split complimentary are the best thing to go with. Triads can also be good. But never ever use more than three colors in one design unless it is essential. Below are some examples for color palette.


monochromatic, accel north america

Split complementary

complimentary colors, accel north america


analogus, accel north america


gender colors, accel north america

gender colors, accel north america
Most people under estimates the impact of color, like we under estimate the impact of media in society. Ever thought why face book and twitter is in blue? Read this in-depth article about how color influence user here.

“90% of an assessment for trying out a product is made by color alone”

Buffer social

Contrast = Clarity

contrast, accel north america

Color contrast can provide to clarity in design. Contrast helps the design to guide the user to the action.  Also it helps the user to clearly understand what is in for them easily. Let me tell you one general example, in the movie Schindler’s list there is a scene with a girl in red coat, the whole movie is shot in monochrome but just that coat.

Watch it here

Industry relevance

Industry relevant color scheme is as important because each color signifies emotion. Colors affects the user psychologically. So the color palette should be complementary to the emotion which the industry is offering. Given below is a chart based on the same.

industry and colors, accel north america

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