This is the last part of the series. Don’t forget to read the previous blog about minimalism in UI

What is user error?

“A user error is an error made by the human user of a complex system, usually a computer system, in interacting with it. Although the term is sometimes used by human–computer interaction practitioners, the more formal human error term is used in the context of human reliability.”

Principles of User interface: Eliminate errors

In this blog we will discuss about how to prevent user error.

Understand the user

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Few things to consider to know and understand user behavior are:

Familiarity of user with technology

What does the user want my interface to accomplish?

How would a particular user interact with the interface during their visit?

Understanding the users is not only for the launching of the project but it helps a lot in setting goals. Even after you have your goals established, the process of understanding your user’s behavior continues. Don’t Expend Users’ Patience and also keep it simple.

Allow user error

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There are two types of user errors slips and mistakes. Slips occur when users intend to perform one action, but end up doing another action. Mistakes are made when users have goals that are inappropriate for the current problem or task; even if they take the right steps to complete their goals, the steps will result in an error. So in order to help users to use the functionality it is good to restrict user with certain rules. That is to Include Helpful Constraints.  Displaying error screens are also really important. Error message should also suggest user further assistance, for example feedback or help section.


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Readability is also an important aspect of UI. Since we have already discussed in one of our previous blog about readability (read it here) I’ll cut short. Legibility of fonts should be maintained if you want to communicate the idea. Make sure the spacing, kerning and font style is optimal and legible.

Comprehensive documentation

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Documentation of each phase would be helpful for the review and innovation of UI design. It is an agile function. It goes in cycle and continuous development process. Read more about agile development here.

Suggest a solution

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Don’t hesitate to suggest solutions to the user, especially when they are in need. This can be prioritized according to user behavior from the past. It would save time for the user as well as user will have good experience.


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Feedback is most important data which can be obtained from the users for the further development of any product. In case of UI, the feedbacks on design, experience, ease of doing things etc. can be obtained from the user. For example Adobe conducts annual feedback program for its users which includes not less than 20 multiple choice questions in return of small reward (discount on subscription renewal).