DevOps Testing Tools in 2018

DevOps is a practice that integrates the development team and operations team of an organization in order to improve its collaboration and productivity by automating infrastructure, workflow and monitoring its performance continuously. There are lot of open source tools and… Continue Reading →

Artificial Intelligence in software Testing

Software testing is an imperative process that ensures customer satisfaction. It is the only one way where an application can be observed under certain conditions where testers can understand the risks involved in the software implementation. Software debugging can essentially… Continue Reading →

Three reasons why Selenium Test Automation works

Three reasons why Selenium Test Automation works Globally, the process is set as to with all development groups testing their build before deploying and co-working with testers to identify the bugs ahead of the release into live.  Manual testing was… Continue Reading →

Test Automation of Mobile Apps

Mobile Testing – The Next Generation Testing Test Automation of Mobile Apps In 1973 when Martin Cooper made his the first mobile phone conversation to his Rival in Bell Labs, he never envisioned the fact that he was stepping the… Continue Reading →