Three reasons why Selenium Test Automation works

Globally, the process is set as to with all development groups testing their build before deploying and co-working with testers to identify the bugs ahead of the release into live.  Manual testing was proving to be the least effective solution owing to the huge amount of manual errors and also due to various limitations. As a solution to this painful situation, certain repeated tests were automated to increase the testing efficiency. Thus test automation was born.

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Automation testing becomes critical as it improves accuracy, provides test coverage in short period of time at a lower cost. As per Transparency Market Research, the global test automation market which in 2015 had a valuation of US $12.91 bn, is expected to reach US $85.84 bn by the end of 2024.

There are multiple options presently available to choose from based on the requirements, size of the project, time etc. Some of the best open source automation tools available are Selenium, Junit, SOAP UI etc.

Here are 3 reasons why Selenium Test Automation works –

Language Agnostic

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The main reason for success of selenium is that they are language agnostic. These test scripts can be coded in any programming language. They can run in web browsers and work in multiple operating systems.

Easy to use

accel na test automation services

Another reason why selenium works is because of its powerful tool features which are simple to use. Its capable UI helps to meet 80% of the needs of testers.

Multi Browser Testing

Multi browser

Finally, Selenium generates the rest results as reports and tests the application across multiple browsers at a single point of time thus saving huge cost and effort.

Our Value

At ANA, we have a strong testing background. Our portfolio of services includes a combination of specialized testing services in areas such as mobile, network, test automation and performance testing and test automation frameworks such as ANA Continuum, Selenium Hybrid / Robot, HP – UFT, etc

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