Enterprise mobility is a trending concept in recent years. Enterprise mobility is an essential function that supports the growth of an organization. It is becoming one of top priority trends in larger organizations especially for customer engagement. As per a recent report, the enterprise global market is expected to reach $73.30 billion by 2020.

Enterprise mobility is not only meant for mobile devices but also mobile Corporate data. Enterprise mobility has an ability to improve the productivity and efficiency of employees. Let us see some latest trends in the enterprise mobility segment.

Location based Applications:

Location based applications

There are a number of business apps that are being imported on mobile devices. This trend will improve the business application development. Business apps are most beneficial ones due to the advent of location based applications. In an era of smart devices, anyone can be tracked, traced in a highly connected network.

For example, City Hour is a location based business application which enables users to connect with other business people based on location.

Cloud Computing:

Cloud Technology

Cloud based technologies has gained more importance in present days due to its easy availability, reliability and affordability. Its innovative potential for Big data is the reason why enterprises are turning towards cloud technologies. However there are security issues involved in cloud which still remains a problem. As a solution for this issue, enterprises are using more hybrid structures.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is becoming most popular in the field of computing. Smartphones becomes a major solution to increase the efficiency of employee. Potentiality of AI has been realized in many industries and has greater opportunity to be inherited for plenty of crucial works.

Internet of Things:

Internet of things, Connected things

Internet of things refers to a large number of things that also include human beings. IoT will play a tremendous role. IoT will have a great impact on enterprise mobility. The Internet of Things and enterprise mobility will increase the growth of productivity of the business.

BYOD Trend

BYOD trend

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) is a trending culture in corporate field. It offers a high level of portability and efficiency. More enterprises continue to implement BYOD trend in their work culture.

In 2017, the major focus of IT investments was more on enterprise mobility. Besides security issues, these trends will likely to follow in 2018. Looking for smart mobility solutions? Contact us now to find out more.